Meet Jean! Jean started her home buying journey with Holly Kapsa Priestley a few years ago when she bought a condo in Chicago. Fast forward to 2021, Jean was ready to part ways with the city and make her way to the suburbs.

Jean knew exactly who to call and she was confident Holly would understand her goals. Holly strategically worked on selling Jean’s condo while establishing personalized criteria for her new home in the suburbs. With an expertise in the Northwest Suburbs, Holly provided all the details Jean needed to make the right decision for her new home. 

After browsing homes in various neighborhoods, Jean made her way back to her hometown in Arlington Heights. Jean offered some advice for anyone else who is looking to make the move from city to suburbs. Jean is the true definition of a lifelong client.


Q. Why did you decide to move out of the city?

A. Like many city dwellers during the pandemic, I found myself wanting more space. A one bedroom condo in Chicago is great – if you can get out of your building and take advantage of all the city has to offer. So, I opted to sell my condo and move to the burbs to get that extra room. Oh, and my building didn’t allow people on my floor to have dogs. Which meant if I wanted to finally get that dog, I needed to make a move. Hopefully my future pup will love having a backyard and a room all of their own.

Q. What do you feel like you are gaining at your new home?

A. Space is the big thing I was looking for, and I definitely got that. But I’m also excited to have a more quiet, low key life. I used to live right on Lake Shore Drive, and I am so happy that I can put away the ear plugs and just go to sleep at night.

Q. What drew you to Arlington Heights?

A. I actually was born and raised in Arlington – and my parents still live here. So, I knew that when I moved out of the city, I wanted to move to a suburb that I knew and felt comfortable in. And that’s 100% Arlington Heights. There are so many amazing things to do here – great restaurants, great parks, great entertainment. Plus, when I need to head downtown, it’s easy to hop onto 90 and get to the city.


Q. What advice would you give individuals considering a move to the burbs?

A. Take the time to get to know several suburbs and decide what you want out of your new home. I may have ended up back in my hometown, but I definitely looked into other suburbs before settling on Arlington Heights. Each suburb has its own identity, so find the one that fits you the best. And remember, Chicago will always be there – a drive or train ride away.


GetBurbed is an @atproperties team based in Arlington Heights.