Meet Justin and Summer! They decided to make the move from city to suburbs, and we helped them find the perfect home in Arlington Heights.

After an unsuccessful search with their first broker, Holly stepped in and was able to match them with a house before it was even on the market! Listening closely to client’s needs, combined with her vast insider’s knowledge of the ‘burbs, Holly is often able to connect clients with their dream house before it’s even advertised. 

Justin and Summer are now settled in and loving life in the ‘burbs, and were nice enough to give us some insight on why this was the right decision for them, as well as advice for anyone considering this same path!

Q. Why did you decide to move out of the city?

A. We decided to move out of the city for a few reasons. Safety has become a concern of ours and we started looking for areas that are safe to walk around in at night or go on a run. Another reason was COVID – while everything was shut down, both Justin and I had to work from home for several months and realized we needed a lot more space if something like this were to happen again. We needed an area for work, an area to eat, and an area to relax, instead of just a one-bedroom apartment where everything is in the living room area. 

Q. What do you feel like you are gaining at your new home?

A. We feel like we will be gaining a new investment in purchasing the home, as well as new experiences with the neighborhood and the area. We will also be gaining a safe community that we can enjoy. 

Q. What drew you to Arlington Heights?

A. We both are from the northwest suburbs so we knew we wanted something a little closer to both families, but somewhere where we could still call our own. The downtown area of Arlington Heights was also very attractive, as we are coming from downtown Chicago where there is always something to do. We also wanted something that was close to the highway/city, because I will still be working in the city of Chicago, so I wanted an area where the commute wouldn’t be so bad. 

Q. What advice would you give individuals considering a move to the burbs?

A. Advice I would give to people considering a move to the burbs – find the location you want first, and then the house that you love in that location. Once you find a location you like, it’s much easier finding a house that you will too, knowing that you love the location and it has everything that fits your needs. Also – it’s ok to make some sacrifices; a single house will not meet every single one of your requirements on a checklist, you just have to love it enough to work around it. 

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